Improve Your Health With 10 Superfoods For Men

Every year it seems that there are some new entries to the superfood lists but not many focus on superfoods for men.

Though you will find that some entries are classics and there to stay, some are newer and may have some serious health benefits for all of us.

Superfoods for healthy life

These foods are celebrated for all of the wonderful benefits that they offer and the tremendous ways that they can help to protect our health now and well into the future.

These superfoods are the top ones out there for men, and many of them are going to stick around for a while.

What is a Superfood

For a food to be named as a superfood it means that it goes above and beyond others in its category in terms of its nutritional benefits, help in protecting your health, and its versatility in just what it may offer.

These are the best of the best, and it’s a good well-rounded list with some entries that are new and some that are classics and sure to stick around for awhile.

Though you might think it difficult to add all of these to your diet, start slowly and then add more as you move forward.

These healthy foods are here to stay and they can help you to be your healthiest and best, so adding them to your daily menus is a must.

You will look and feel your best, and these foods will help you in ways that you never imagined.

It’s true that you are what you eat—and now you can really enjoy that in a whole new way and gain amazing nutritional benefits!

Top 10 Superfoods for Men


It’s an ancient grain much like quinoa, but this superfood may actually be slightly better for you.

Not only is this a whole grain and protein all rolled into one, but it’s also rich in amino acids too.

This is a healthy side dish or even main dish, and it can also help you with weight loss too.

It’s excellent for its fiber content which will actually help you to feel full for longer.

So you help to add an excellent grain and feel satisfied, and that makes it a healthy weight loss aid and so much more.

chocolate superfood

Dark Chocolate

It may not be a new entry, but it’s here to stay!

You will find that one ounce of dark chocolate does the trick and it can help men in a great number of ways in this small amount.

It can help to protect heart health, it can keep your blood sugar levels regulated, and it may help you with natural and healthy weight loss too.

You want to be sure to go for a pure and natural blend that is rich in cocoa, so at least 60% pure cocoa to get the ultimate benefits out of this superfood.

ale food


Though it may not be new, it’s not going anywhere in terms of superfood entries.

This is by far one of the most powerful greens as it gives men so much of what you need.

It’s high in vitamins and minerals, but it’s also high in antioxidants which may help to protect your health and prevent disease in the future.

Kale can help to promote healthy eyes, hair, and may be part of a healthy diet that boosts your immune system now and in the long term as well.

Fermented Vegetables

They aid digestion and that’s one of the very things that put them on the map.

They may take some getting used to in terms of taste or texture, but they are so very healthy that it’s worth the investment.

This is one of the best ways to aid digestion and protect your gut health, and therefore many who suffer from any number of stomach issues are celebrating this superfood.

It’s likely to be a fixture on the superfood list for years to come!

coconut superfood

Organic Coconut Oil

It’s not new but it is important to note that it should be organic to get the most benefits out of it.

This can help with digestion and may even help to regulate your blood sugar and may even help to speed up your metabolism.

This is considered a true “good fat” which means it will help you to enjoy health benefits but is higher in fat content than other oils.

It is not only an excellent oil to cook with, but it can help with everything from hair and skin issues to a healthier substitute for deodorant—it’s versatile and so very beneficial that you will want to stock up!

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dandelion greens for men

Dandelion Greens

Yes, they have a bitter taste that can take some getting used to, but this is where their power really lies.

The bitter taste is what actually helps your digestive system active and work at its best.

These greens are a great base for a salad for they are also helpful in detoxifying the liver naturally.

This superfood also happens to be high in vitamins and minerals, making them a well-rounded addition to the list that makes for the excellent greens in your diet.

superfood for men avacado


No, they are not new to the superfood scene, but they continue to add an intensity that simply can’t be mirrored elsewhere.

Avocados are the very definition of a good fat for they may be higher in fat content overall, but it’s the type that will protect you in your health more than you ever thought possible.

They also happen to be high in vitamins, though the focus is on the high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids.

This means better health now and improved heart health and true prevention in the future, and you simply can’t beat that!

super fresh herbs

Fresh Herbs

You might not think that herbs have a place on a top superfood list but they do.

If you go for the fresh variety then you take in a great serving of vitamins and minerals and they actually add much more taste to the equation too.

You won’t add salt that can hurt you and so you are creating a well-rounded platform for your meals, which is just wonderful for you in so many ways.

There are some that stand out above the crowd including turmeric which can help to protect against cancer, and basil which has some natural antibacterial properties.

Add them to your meal and you won’t miss the salt or other additives that don’t do a thing for your diet in the way that fresh herbs can.

Coconut Flour

You will never miss traditional white flour again, and this is the next wave of this baking ingredient.

Coconut flour is higher in fiber, is made from an actual healthy ingredient, and therefore makes for a much healthier option for your diet and baking needs.

Using this as the basis of just about anything helps it to be healthier and more substantial.

This also ensures that you stay away from the simple carbohydrates that can actually hurt your health, and you enjoy complex carbohydrates that are good for you and help to keep you satisfied moving forward.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Yes, it’s, of course, the fact that these are higher in fiber than almost any other entries out there.

What you may not realize about vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage though is that they are also higher in Vitamin C.

They may take some getting used to in terms of the digestion process and the excess fiber, but they are simply so good for men that they are worth the adjustment.

You will find that these vegetables, specifical cauliflower, may end up surpassing kale at some point in time due to its overall health content.

Superfood Conclusion

Though the superfoods list comes out every year, not many are specifically superfoods for men.

There are many good foods to choose from and you may find that mixing them together ensures that you get what you need in a healthy, nutritious, and balanced way.

You will love how much healthier these make you feel and that means that they are truly working for you in a way that you can’t even imagine.

Be sure to take it slow with some of these, but know that they are working behind the scenes to protect your health.

Sure some of these are new and some may change up over time, but these are the foods right now at this moment that are the healthiest and best above and beyond anything else that you can enjoy.

Superfoods help to protect our health in an innovative way and if you truly are what you eat, then these are the best options to help your health now and into the future—healthier, more delicious, balanced, and nutritious options that help you above and beyond anything else you can possibly imagine!

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