How George Lost 14 Lbs in 6 Weeks (Paleo Fat Loss Diet)

Today you are going to learn how George shredded 14 pounds of weight in 6 weeks using the paleo fat loss diet.

(I will reveal the exact diet plan he followed to lose this weight)

But Wait, there’s more!

You will be also able to download and print off the Paleo Diet Weight Loss plan to take with you wherever you go.

So let’s get started.

The Paleo Weight Loss Diet is ideal if you are looking for a healthy way to shed some weight quickly while enhancing your health.

paleo diet ingredients for fat loss

George realized that more and more people are using this Paleo approach as they discover all that it has to offer and are seeing great results from making the switch over.

This particular diet plan had George eating as the caveman ate back in our ancestor days, he focused on eating plenty of lean animal protein sources, a high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with healthy fats coming from seeds, olive oils, avocados, and coconut.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

George found that the Paleo weight loss diet excluded dairy products, grains, processed foods, and legumes from his daily eating routine.

He found that in order to fuel his workouts, he needed to add in small doses of sweet potatoes, yams, or higher carbohydrate vegetables such as squash, peas, and corn so that he could increase his energy.

This plan tends to work very well for fat loss results because it naturally keeps your blood glucose levels stable, thereby controlling hunger and your calorie intake without a problem.

Just note that for weight loss purposes, you will eat slightly less fat than someone using this approach for weight maintenance or muscle gain.

So, let’s show you the exact diet plan that George used.

Below you’ll find your daily setup and underneath, you’ll find a table that lists the food choices that will complete each plan.

Be sure to stick to the serving size listed in the food chart as each represents a single serving as mentioned in the food plan.

Stick around…..

Paleo Fat Loss Diet


1 serving protein
2 servings vegetables
1 serving fruit
1 serving fat


1 serving fruit
1 serving fat


1 serving protein
2 servings vegetables
1 serving carbs
1 serving fat


1 serving protein
1 serving fruit


1 serving protein
3 servings vegetables
1 serving fat

paleo fat loss apple

Paleo Fat Loss Food Choice Chart


Protein Rich Food

One Serving Size**

Carb Rich


Serving Size

Fat Rich Food

Serving Size

Chicken breast

3 oz


½ cup cooked

Olive oil

1 tbsp

Turkey breast

3 oz

Brown rice

½ cup cooked

Sunflower oil

1 tbsp

White fish

4 oz

Sweet potato

½ cup cooked

Safflower oil

1 tbsp

Egg whites

1 cup or 6


½ cup cooked

Flaxseed oil

1 tbsp


3 oz (also counts as 1 fat)


2 tbsp

Lean red meat

3 oz

Salmon/fatty fish

3 oz. also counts as one protein

Canned tuna

1 can

Almond butter

1 tbsp

Whey protein powder

1 scoop




3 oz.





1 tbsp


½ cup sliced

Coconut, dried unsweetened

2 tbsp.



One Serving Size**

Fruit (apples, oranges, banana, pear)

1 piece

Berries and melons

1 cup


1-2 cups*

*Note these hardly contain any calories so there aren’t any restrictions

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