Lower Back Stretches

You probably have tried lower lack stretches to help reduce your back pain or even a whole series of different medications, but sometimes it’s simply about getting back to basics.

Do you find that your back pain persists or that you want to try to relieve it naturally? Good, you have come to the right right place if you follow these step by step lower back exercises that may be instrumental. in reducing your back pain.


It’s important to always listen to your body to avoid further injury. If something that you’re doing seems too difficult or causes you to strain your lower back too much, then stop immediately.

Though these exercises are great for reducing lower back pain, you have to take it at your own pace and figure out what feels good for you.

Do be sure to practice proper form and keep working your way up but know that your instinct is always your best indicator.

Here we look at the very best exercises that can not only help you to get into better shape but which can also ensure that you reduce the back pain that you have been experiencing.

So, Let’s jump straight in!

Lower Back Exercises

Two Knee Twist

You begin by lying flat on your back, but then move both knees over to one side.

Stack one leg on top of the other and then slowly twist so that you are stretching out the back muscles.

You remain lying flat at the top but this simple but effective twist really helps to target the back pain and works to reduce it quite efficiently.

Alternate from side to side and go slowly with just how deep you move into the twist until you are sure you can handle more.

It’s a very simple movement that targets all the right movements, so that’s a winning combination!

You will never know until you try each lower back exercise which is the best for you. When you find it, you can use it as your main focus to help you relieve your lower back problems.

Coming up is a stretch you can do that is simply sitting.
But before that here we have

Torso Twist

This works much the same way as the two knee twist but you begin in standing position.

You remain standing with feet planted firmly on the ground, but then you twist the torso from side to side.

You’re working the lower back from a different angle and though many people tend to think that working the core is all about the abs. It very much includes the back too.

Again work your way up in terms of your range of motion and continue to progress as you focus in on the back specifically.


Begin lying flat on your stomach with your face and your arms and legs down.

Then slowly lift yourself up using just the hands to support you until you can’t get any higher in your position.

You are getting deep into the back muscles while you just hold this very targeted stretch, and that’s instrumental in reducing lower back pain.

The longer you can hold the position the deeper of a stretch you will get and so it all works together beautifully

Hamstring Stretches

This isn’t to be confused with hamstring curls, for this is a true stretching exercise that you perform lying on your back.

You need a towel or a resistance band to wrap around your foot.

You will slowly move one leg at a time up while you maintain the hold on the wrapped foot and really pull through this stretch.

Sure it targets the hamstrings as a great stretch, but it also helps to focus on the back and therefore reduces pain.

You can almost feel the pain subside while you hold this stretch!

Wall Sits

Many people tend to think of this as an exercise for the lower body and it can be, but it can also help to work the back.

You simply sit with your back against the wall and slide down into a squat for as long as you can hold it.

The deeper the stretch the more that you work the muscles, and the back truly benefits from this.

Try to build up your time as you progress, and see how wonderful this feels for your back

Though you may not necessarily feel like stretching at first, you will soon see just how much better you feel when you get up and get moving. You just have to know which are best for specifically reducing your lower back pain and now you will!


This is another example of a core based exercise that actually works the back as well as the abs.

You want to keep your forearms just below the shoulders to support you, and then come up onto the toes.

Sure you will get a nice ab exercise here, but you will also help to stabilize the back as you hold it flat. The result is a great stretch that really reduces lower back pain in a truly effective way. By adding weights to the ankle this exercise is increased in intensisty.

Bird Dog Pose

You begin on all fours and then slowly lift one leg up and behind you and hold.

You then add in the opposite arm pointing forward, so that you have one leg and the opposite arm holding a yoga type of pose.

Hold this position and you will feel the stretch.

It will help to reduce lower back pain as it also helps to add muscle sculpting to the upper and lower body all at the same time. Which is truly an added benefit.


It’s a classic and undoubtedly one of the very best exercises to target the back and reduce pain that you may experience.

Quite simply you lift the legs up off the ground while you keep the upper half of your body on the ground.

You resume a bridge position and it really goes deep into the back muscle which is where your pain resides.

You can work at holding the bridge pose for longer or add resistance as you move forward, but it’s also a great starter movement too.

You will learn to love bridges and make them a part of your regimen moving forward!

Pelvic Tilts

This really focuses on the pelvis.  Go down on one knee and thrust your hips forward. Repeat this for both legs, this will work your core and is also good for your hips.

You want to really accentuate this movement so that you scoop in the abs and push the pelvis forward

Legs Up The Wall

You begin by lying flat on your back and slowly move your feet up the wall.

You want to approach this one carefully and gently so that you don’t overextend the back, and thus work against what you are trying to accomplish here.

You want to move your legs up the wall moving your feet first until you find where it is a comfortable stretch.

Then simply hold the position with your legs up the wall as high as you can take them.

You can move the feet back down and stretch out and then go at it again, for this is a great one to repeat and perform various reps of.

As you get used to this you may add weights, but it may work as a good exercise and stretch all on its own.

Lower Back Conclusion

No matter what your lower back pain derives from or how extreme it may be, the reality is that performing these Stretches can really do wonders for you.

It’s important to take your time and really work on perfecting the movement before you start adding resistance or holding the position for longer.

You will find that it can relieve the pain almost instantly, so keep up with it for the stretches and the movements presented here are truly the best for the back.

Also be sure that you never overextend in other movements, whether they are cardio or strength training types of exercises.

You can totally undo your efforts if you push too hard in other areas of the gym, and so you always want to put your back first as you workout.

If you create a good solid foundation in your exercise regimen.  That incorporates cardio and strength training and then includes these specific exercises, you can help to reduce back pain really efficiently.

You do want to be sure that you are always listening to your body, for it will tell you what you can handle and what is too much.

If ever in doubt go slowly, see how you respond, and then focus on what feels best for you.

These stretches will be beneficial at reducing your lower back pain and perhaps even getting rid of it all together, so try them and see for yourself how great they can be in your everyday life.

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