Workout for Glutes Suitable for Men and Women

Do you want to get a firmer backside and improve the overall look of your lower body?

The one thing that you’ll definitely want to be focusing on doing is training your glutes sufficiently.

This guide will help you, with the best exercises.

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The good news is that the glute muscles are going to be worked in almost all the quad based movements you do.

This means that they will already be getting targeted by default.

However, by adding even more glute focused movements to your workout routine, you can see optimal success.

Let’s go over what you need to know about glute training.

Guide To Glute Exercises

The Compound Movements

First things first, if you want to build better glutes, compound movements must be your focus.

These are the exercises that will work the quads, hamstrings, as well as the glutes all in one.

This also allows you to burn up a high amount of body fat as you go, due to the fact that you are stimulating so many muscle fibers in an instant.

The best compound exercises include

the squats,

the deadlift,

the lunge,

the split squat,

as well as the step-up.

You don’t need to add all of these in every workout – doing two in your workout should be sufficient.

Adding Isolation

Then once you have the compound movements in, you can add some glute isolation movements as well.

It is generally harder to isolate the glutes because the hamstrings will almost always contract to some degree.

However, exercises such as

the glute bridge raise

or the donkey kickback

will primarily hit the glute muscles.


If you want to really increase your overall glute strength, do both of these movements using weight as a resistance to help really get the muscle fibers firing hard.

As a guide, you need to be training your glutes at least twice, preferably three times per week.

You’ll be seeing changes take place in no time at all.

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