Exercise Ball Workout

This Easy ball workout plan is good if you’re looking to boost your fitness performance and see greater success from your workout program.

Incorporating an exercise ball workout into the mix will give you great results and help you get that sexy toned body you desire.

The exercise ball is great because it will allow you to gain greater overall core muscle activation while boosting your calorie burn each session.

In addition to that, the destabilizing nature of the exercise ball will help you enhance your balance and agility level. This can transfer over into other activities or sports that you are performing.

The following exercise ball workout programs are going to allow you to add the exercise ball into the routine in a number of places apart from direct abdominal work.

While not every exercise will be exercise ball related, you’ll see it being called into play far more often than most typical problems require.

These moves all require just the use of a simple set of dumbbells, so are workouts that you could complete right in the comfort of your own home.

With the small investment of just that exercise ball along with the dumbbells, you can build the sexy toned body you’re after and see increases in your overall strength level.

The following workouts below, complete one exercise immediately after the next, taking as little rest as you can between the movements.

Easy Exercise Ball Workout

You are to aim to complete 10-15 reps of each exercise, doing as many as possible while maintaining good form.

Once you’ve completed all the exercises in the series, and then take a 30-60 second rest break before performing for the second time.

If you’re more advanced you may even want to consider performing a third and final set before finishing up with some light stretching before leaving the gym.

Make sure that you take one day off between each session to allow for full recovery to occur.

Easy Exercise Ball Workout

Exercise Ball Workout A

Chest Press On The Exercise Ball
Walking Lunge
Shoulder Press On The Exercise Ball
Sumo Squat
Bent Over Rows
Chest Fly’s On The Ball
Lateral Raise On The Exercise Ball
Plank On The Ball
Crunch On The Ball

Exercise Ball Workout B

Push-Ups On The Exercise Ball
Front Raise On The Exercise Ball
Step Ups
Pull-Overs On The Ball
Bicep Curls On The Ball
Overhead Tricep Extension On The Ball
Supermans On The Ball
Lying Leg Raises With The Ball

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