Cq10 Coenzyme Discover its Benefits And Side Effects

The human body is made up of many cells,

One of them is mitochondria.

It is an energy producing cell and here coenzyme Q10 (Cq10) is naturally produced.

Coming up we will explain how coenzyme can help with heart problems and weight loss.

What Is Coenzyme Cq10

1. It plays an important role in producing molecules named adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

2. It is also a very good antioxidant.

3. Cq10 helps in producing different enzymes that help in forming proteins in our body.

Benefits of Coenzyme Cq10

Through different studies, it has been proved that Cq10 helps in treating patients with a heart problem.

It also helps in curing Parkinson’s disease.

Cq10 can also cure hypertension and helps in losing extra weight.

Treating Heart Problems

Low level of Cq10 in blood results in different heart problems such as congestive heart failure or coronary heart disease.

Many research studies have shown that a good amount of Cq10 present in blood is beneficial in treating heart problems and the resulting discomfort.

Also, Creatine has been linked to helping to prevent heart failure.

Helpful With Parkinson’s Disease

Some research has shown that Coenzyme Cq10 also plays an important role in curing Parkinson’s disease.

Patients suffering from this disease when treated with the supplements for a specific time have shown good recovery.

Parkinson’s disease has very damaging effects and the supplements help to control these effects.

Helpful to Weight Loss

Obesity is a problem that many people face nowadays.

Obesity is often a result of low metabolism rate and to reduce weight, one has to increase his metabolic rate.

A doctor prescribed Coenzyme Q10 dosages are very helpful in increasing metabolism.

Boosting Energy Levels

As we age, the levels of CoQ10 in our body decrease.

With an increase in age, energy levels go down and people feel weak and lazy.

Coenzyme Cq10 helps in boosting body energy levels. Maintaining normal blood pressure

The supplements have shown good results in controlling blood pressure.

Patients with high blood pressure cured with Q10 supplements have also shown good progress in keeping their BP down.

Help Reduce a Migraine

Migraine attacks can be reduced with a dosage of Cq10.

The supplements can remarkably help with migraine attacks.

Protection against Anti-Aging

There is a protein named collagen present in the lower layer of our skin.

It keeps our skin looking fresh and feeling young.

But as we age, this protein decreases because of large exposure to the sun.

CoQ10, when applied to the skin, increases collagen.

It also protects our skin from harmful rays.

Side Effects of Coenzyme Q10 (Cq10)

Clinical research shows that Coenzyme Cq10 may cause certain side effects in some patients.

Some of the side effects are discussed below that are complained about by the patients who took it in capsule form

Complaint of Stomach Upset

Some people complain of stomach problem after using.

It could be a result of poor digestion.


People treated with the capsules also complained of watery stools.

This side effect is commonly found after treatment.


In some people, sugar level drops by using Coenzyme Q10 supplements and as a result, they feel dizzy.

People, who have a problem with low blood sugar, are advised not to use these supplements.


People, treated with the supplement may also feel nauseous.

Lack of Sleep

Some people also face lack of sleep after taking the supplement.

Skin Allergy

People have also complained of skin allergies. A rash is sometimes seen on various body parts after Coenzyme Q10 treatments.


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