(9) Advantages, Disadvantages And Benefits Of Zumba Fitness

What is Zumba Zumba fitness is a dance based fitness program. Zumba is Spanish slang, which means “to move fast and have fun”. was created by Alberto Beto Perez, who is a fitness trainer for celebrities. He has also worked as a choreographer for internationally acclaimed pop stars. Beto came up with the idea of … Read more

Best Adjustable Kettlebell, We Review the (Top 5)

Are you wanting to get in shape and have the best body ever? If your answer is Yes then read on and learn about the one set of equipment that will help you the adjustable kettlebells. It may come as a surprise to you adjustable kettlebells are gaining in popularity and are a great way … Read more

Get That Hourglass Figure Workout To Get Your Body In Shape

female with good body shape

I’m going to show you how to get that sexy Hourglass Figure. Turn heads wherever you go. By following these simple 3 easy workouts. You will tone that sexy, hourglass figure you desire. But, first of all, you need to get the right body shape workout program in place. Many people aren’t going about their workout program … Read more

Kettlebell These 9 Exercises Will Have You Ripped And Toned Fast.

If you aren’t doing kettlebell exercises, you’re missing out on a potent workout that will get you fit, jacked and powerful. “Doing the perfect kettlebell swing alone is superior to 99% of the sophisticated strength and conditioning programs out there,” writes Pavel Tsatsouline, a former fitness coach for the Soviet Special Forces who are credited … Read more

Awesome (3) Sprint And Interval Running Training Plan

Running training is very popular these days with this in mind one goal that some people may set as they go about their fitness training is increasing their running ability. Whether you’ve decided to participate in a long distance race or you just want to improve your cardiovascular fitness and enjoy running itself, the following … Read more

Simple (2 Day) Weight Loss Circuit Training Program

If you’re looking to get lean by burning off those pesky last ten pounds, weight loss circuit training is going to be a great approach to use. With circuit training you’re going to move quickly from exercise to exercise without hardly taking any rest in between, both decreasing the total time you have to spend … Read more

Awesome (2 Day) Bootcamp Circuit Training for Women

Are you female and looking to get in shape quickly? If so the boot camp circuit training for women is great for you. If you are one of those people who’s busy schedule doesn’t leave time to perform both strength training and cardiovascular training over the course of the week. Then this boot camp style for women … Read more

Hamstrings Exercise Guide

Hamstring Exercises and you need to know about working your lower body muscles. It’s critical that you remember to touch upon both the quads as well as the hamstrings equally so that you not only develop good looking legs but that you also prevent muscular imbalances that would certainly lead to an injury. The hamstrings … Read more

Muscle Tissue

Muscle is a special tissue having the ability to expand and contract. It also has the ability to receive and conduct electrical impulses. Classification Of Muscle Tissue Muscle tissue can either be classified according to its functionality or according to its structure. According to functional classification, there are two types of muscle tissue i.e. Voluntary … Read more

Triceps Exercises Guide

Triceps Brachii muscle is important to train if you are looking to get bigger arms. To build the Triceps muscle you absolutely must start training your triceps effectively. One of the biggest things that many people overlook as they go about their upper body training protocol is that it’s actually the triceps that make up … Read more

worst exercises

3 exercises that are bad for you and their best replacements. There are numerous myths about various exercises that new and old fitness enthusiasts seem to be adhering to day in and day out. Many exercises that are considered beneficial are indeed not so. As a matter of fact, they can prove to be detrimental … Read more

V Shape Workout

V Shape Workout will give you the body shape that so many men and women are after, and you need to make sure that you are targeting the right muscles to attain it. The V shape look is great for both genders as for men, it’ll help you create that broad, masculine appearance you’re after … Read more

Lower Back Stretches

You probably have tried lower lack stretches to help reduce your back pain or even a whole series of different medications, but sometimes it’s simply about getting back to basics. Do you find that your back pain persists or that you want to try to relieve it naturally? Good, you have come to the right right … Read more

Exercise Ball Workout

This Easy ball workout plan is good if you’re looking to boost your fitness performance and see greater success from your workout program. Incorporating an exercise ball workout into the mix will give you great results and help you get that sexy toned body you desire. The exercise ball is great because it will allow you to gain greater overall … Read more

Lower Body Workouts

If you’re like me one of your primary goals will be to workout your lower body. The legs are definitely one of the trouble spots that many people have to deal with but by focusing on the lower body workout, you can quickly work to overcome this issue. The lower body workout that you perform will include both … Read more

pyramid workout

When performing a pyramid workout, you’re going to be working out across a variety of rep ranges. Deriving superior benefits compared to a plan where you just work at a constant rep range the whole way through. Using this pyramid workout you’re going to be both building strength and size. At the same time as … Read more

(8) Simple to Follow Exercises To Get a Perfect Ass in 2018

glute woman in sea

Are you looking to get that perfect ass? This butt workout will have you covered. If you crave a nice perfect butt, you have come to the right place. However, to get your perfect shaped butt you must approach your goal from two different angles. First! You will need to make sure that you get … Read more