Building Muscle on Keto

Do you feel incredibly sleepy and lethargic whenever you eat carbohydrate-rich foods?

Yes, then this is the ideal diet for building muscle on keto.

You may be among the individuals out there who simply don’t tolerate carbohydrates in their diet.

To help you achieve your goals you would have to follow a lower carb diet plan, which would help you feel better.

The drawback?

It can be harder to build muscle mass while using a very low carbohydrate diet because of the fact you aren’t providing your body with the fuel energy it needs to perform each and every muscular contraction.

Well, I am going to show you exactly how to overcome this with this ketogenic Bodybuilding diet plan.

You will, however, need to make some adjustments. this targeted ketogenic diet plan tends to work very well for those who are intolerant to carbs but do want to sustain intense workouts and build lean muscle.

You’ll eat a very low carbohydrate diet all throughout the week and then right before and after the workout program, carbohydrates will be added which will help to fuel the body and saturate muscle glycogen stores.

The end result?

You build muscle and feel great as you do.

Let’s show you how to set up a targeted ketogenic diet so that you can start supporting your intense gym training with proper nutrition.

Ketogenic Bodybuilding Diet

  • 1 serving protein
  • 3 serving fat
  • 2 serving vegetables
  • 1 serving protein
  • 2 serving fat
  • 1 serving vegetables
  • 1 serving protein
  • 2 serving fat
  • 2 serving vegetables
  • 1 serving protein
  • 1 serving carbs
  • 1 serving protein
  • 3 servings carbs
  • 1 serving protein
  • 2 serving fat
  • 2 serving vegetables
Before Bed
  • 1 serving protein
  • 2 serving fat

Ketogenic Bodybuilding Food Choice Chart


Protein Rich Food

One Serving Size**

Chicken breast 3 oz
Turkey breast 3 oz
White fish 4 oz
Egg whites 1 cup or 6
Salmon 3 oz (also counts as 1 fat)
Lean red meat 3 oz
Canned tuna 1 can
Whey protein powder 1 scoop
Tofu 3 oz

Carb Rich Food

Serving Size

Quinoa ½ cup cooked
Brown rice ½ cup cooked
Barley ½ cup cooked
Oatmeal ¼ cup (raw measurement)
Sweet potato 1 small

Fat Rich Food

Serving Size

Olive oil 1 tbsp
Sunflower oil 1 tbsp
Safflower oil 1 tbsp
Flaxseed oil 1 tbsp
Flaxseeds 2 tbsp
Natural peanut butter 1 tbsp
Almond butter 1 tbsp
Almonds 1 scoop
Pecans 10
Sesame/Poppyseeds 10
Avocado 1 tbsp
Salmon/ Fatty Fish 3 Oz also counts as 1 protein

Dairy Rich Food

One Serving Size **

Skim milk 1 cup
Greek yogurt/low-fat yogurt ½ cup
Cottage cheese ½ cup

Fruit / Vegetables

One Serving Size **

Fruit (apples, oranges, banana, pear) 1 piece
Berries and melons 1 cup
Vegetables 1-2 cups

**Note these hardly contain any calories so there aren’t any restrictions


If you combine a good exercise routine with this Ketogenic bodybuilding diet plan, you will build muscle and help you get that perfect body you desire, without feeling lethargic and sleepy

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