Best Ankle and Wrist Weights For Exercises Using Arm & Legs

Are you struggling to tone up your lower body and create definition in your muscles?

Well, we have the solution for you.

Ankle and Wrist Weights

These are weighed bands that can be strapped to either your wrist or around your ankle.

If you’ve never used weights on the ankle or wrist before, it’s a good idea that you to get a better understanding of them before you make any purchase.

This review and guide on how to use them should prove a valuable tool for you.

It’s no surprise then that exercisers want products to help them do this and choosing the best ankle weights is a great way to enhance exercises for your legs and arms.

Using ankle weights on legs

The Benefits of Using Ankle and Wrist Weights in Your Workout

They offer a wide range of benefits without being too risky or dangerous to use.

Because they are convenient and easy to use, you can dramatically increase the benefits of each of your exercise sessions.

Here are some of the pros of using ankle weights:

  • Increase resistance to increased muscle toning
  • Help you burn more calories during a workout
  • Are easy to strap on and safe to use
  • Nearly anyone can use them
  • They are also affordable and easy to find

The Disadvantages of Using Ankle Weights

They can be incredibly helpful but aren’t right for everyone, they have thier cons as well.

People who are overweight or who have bone or joint disorders can exacerbate symptoms or worsen the condition when they use weights on their ankles or wrists.

If you notice that you’re changing the way you move when you use them, you could be setting yourself up for an injury or future joint problems.

Special Considerations When Using

  • Start small and add weight as you get stronger
  • Talk to your doctor before using if you have any joint or muscle disorders
  • Follow directions for use carefully to prevent injury

Zensufu Ankle Weight

Each of these is 1 pound, giving you a total of 2 pounds to work with. In addition to being great for your ankles, you can also wear them on your wrists.

The adjustable strap makes it easy to get a precise fit so you can enhance your workouts by building muscle and increasing calorie burn.

The included carrying pouch makes this an ideal set to take on the go, whether you’re headed to the gym or the park to workout.

Zensufu is effective at increasing calorie burn and enhancing muscle tone and definition with regular use.

The soft materials that make up the weights are comfortable to wear and don’t cause as much friction as other sets of ankle weights.

When adjusted, they leave very little room, which makes them less than ideal for people with larger ankles.

Calling them adjustable is misleading as you cannot change the pound load, you are only able to adjust the fit.


  • Comfortable materials provide an optimal workout
  • They are ideal for both ankles and wrists
  • A carrying pouch makes it easy to take them anywhere you go


  • They claim to be adjustable, but that only refers to the strap
  • These might not be ideal for people with large ankles
  • You may experience a fit that is too tight for some types of exercise

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Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights

These Nordic Lifting weights are designed with comfort in mind and are constructed of durable neoprene padding with reinforced stitching combined with comfortable materials that rest against your skin.

The easy to use Velcro pad makes it simple to strap on to your ankles and also allow you to transfer the weights to your wrist to enhance your arms workout.

They are recommended for many exercises that include CrossFit, walking, aerobics, running and core training, among many other types.

Most users report that these light 1 pound ankle weights are easy to use and handy to have around for a workout with their easy carrying pouch.

The reflective materials used to produce them make users feel safe to use them outdoors even when it’s dark outside.

Using them on a consistent basis may sometimes result in a lot of wear and tear, which can alter the effectiveness of the weights.

If you engage in a lot of impact sports, these may not be ideal for you and you might be better off with something a bit more durable.


  • Reflective materials make the weights safe to use at night
  • They are easy to put on and take off and can be used on ankles and wrists
  • Ideal for many kinds of exercise


  • They show wear and tear quickly if they are used a lot
  • May not be ideal for high impact sports
  • Not adjustable so you’ll have to buy new heavy ones when you get stronger

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Nayoya 3 pound Adjustable Ankle Weights

This three pound set includes two 1.5 pound weights that you can use on your ankles and wrists. Use them both on one side or one on each side.

High quality and durable materials ensure that they hold up to regular use and the adjustable style makes it easy to get just the right fit when using.

Use these while jogging, walking, kickboxing, swimming, and yoga. They are also ideal for rehabilitation from ankle sprains.

Most people who use these say they offer prime results in building and toning muscles through the legs and lower body.

Joggers will especially like the snug fit and comfortable materials to help them rev calorie burn and engage the muscles during a workout.

It is advisable to wear tall socks whilst wearing these because the Velcro tends to dig into the skin and can be distracting and irritating.

These might not be ideal if you prefer to walk, jog or do other forms of exercise in shorts because they rub against the skin.


  • Durable materials ensure many years of use
  • Perfect for exercise and to strengthen injured ankle muscles
  • Ideal for toning the muscles of your lower body


  • Velcro digs into the skin and causes discomfort during use
  • They can also rub against the skin, causing irritation
  • You can’t add or subtract pounds from the weights

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Yes4All Comfort Fit Ankle Weights

These are marketed as the ideal way to tone muscles, burn calories and optimize many kinds of workouts. That includes walking, running, and aerobics.

They come in a variety of pound loads, ranging from 1 pound each to 5 pounds each, allowing you to customize your workout.

Neoprene materials wick away moisture while you exercise and feel comfortable against your skin during a workout.

Users love these ankle weights because they are adjustable and stay in place, offering a consistently snug fit, even when you’re moving around a lot.

You can also add or subtract weight so you can get the precise pound load you need for your specific workout.

These can be hard to wrap around a larger than average ankle and the strap doesn’t always stay in place.

These may not be for you if you want to use them frequently as they may break open and spill their beads when you use them often.


  • They are customizable so you can use them as heavy as you want
  • Comfortable materials mean you can exercise without discomfort
  • They are perfect for toning muscles and burning calories


  • May not be suitable for people with larger ankles
  • Shows wear and tear after several months of use
  • Can break open to spill out the weight beads

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Valeo Adjustable Ankle Weight

Choose these if you want something that’s comfortable to wear without sacrificing the effectiveness you need.

The easy to adjust D-ring allows you to get the most precise fit possible so that they can fit virtually anyone who wants to use them.

They are easy to clean with warm, soapy water so you can get rid of sweat and odor after each use.

Most people who use these say they are stronger and more durable than others on the market, meaning they’re likely to last longer.

They also do a good job of staying in place, making them a safe option for many kinds of exercise, including running and aerobics.

The advertised pound load is a bit misleading because to get to 5 pounds, you’d have to wear both sets on one ankle.

They may cut into their skin during some types of exercise, which makes them uncomfortable to wear.


  • A snug fit and sturdy adjustment device makes them safe to wear
  • The materials are comfortable compared to other ankle weights
  • They are easy to wash and keep clean


  • The snug fit sometimes results in discomfort during exercise
  • Misleading quote when it comes to the pound load
  • May not fit people with very small or very large ankles

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Whats the Verdict, Which Is The Best?

The Nordic Lifting ankle weights are easy to wear and fully adjustable so just about anyone can use them for a workout.
These are ideal to enhance many forms of exercise that target the muscles in your legs and throughout your lower body.

When you choose Nayoya 3-pound adjustable ankle weights, you get an adjustable set that goes up to three pounds.
These are great for indoor and outdoor styles of exercise so they are extremely versatile and effective.

Yes4All Comfort Fit ankle weights are a great choice for adding resistance to your daily workout for toning and fat burning.
Using these are ideal for most exercises and come in a variety of pound loads to meet your needs.

Choosing the Valeo adjustable ankle weights means a comfortable set that is effective, but comfortable.
They are one size fits most and are easy to clean and add to your workout routine.

Zensufu ankle weights are a great option if you want a starter set of weights that comfortable and simple to use for many types of exercise.
Use these to add a small amount of resistance to your workout routine to enhance your muscle toning and fat burning results.

In this review, Zensufu ankle weights are our top choice. In addition to being comfortable and effective, they get consistently good feedback

We also like the affordable price and easy to use design which makes these our choice for the best ankle weights.

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